Troubleshooting - FAQs

Find below some common issues you may find while setting up TwixRiva on your Salesforce org.

Run post-installation script fails

The script purpose is to ensure that the synchronisation runs in the background. It will attempt to create 5 Apex schedules.

If the message below surfaces:

Ensure that :

  • There is not already some TwixRiva classes schedules. If there is already some TwixRiva class, delete the reschedule and click on ‘Run post-installation script’ again

  • There is not already more than 95 schedules apex classes. Salesforce’s limit on Scheduled Apex is 100. TwixRiva requires 5 slots.


Xero Logs table is taking too much space

Logs are great, but they can become a little too much.

 The best next action is to prepare a schedule a flow to help you remove the old unnecessary records.

Flow Type:

Schedule the Flow:

Set the deletion parameters:

Problem solved.